The Modern Exchange (Southgate, MI) 6/11/2009

The Modern Exchange had to be the most unusual stop in some time. Vintage clothing store in the front, huge music room in the back.

It was an all ages venue. It was apparent immediately once walking into the bathroom that the female clientele was on the hunt for younger men. (more bathroom art here______)

Mike got in on the action as well…

Notice how the truck has been rapidly disintegrating since our last little fender bender on the way to Indi, Jesus what a beyatch…

Anyway, to say we played for a small crowd that night would be an exaggeration. But such is the life of an independent band looking for nothing but the good times.

After the show we went out and had drinks with an undercover narcotics agent and his wife. Now that’s the good times from the edge suckerz!

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