Check back soon! Summergasm 2012 is on the way!

What is Summergasm?  Well we left the details from last year's festival up on this page just for you.

Summer is here, and Verona Red plans to celebrate with our first annual Summergasm!

Summergasm involves 5 concerts across 5 Saturdays this summer, and we'll be showcasing 5 classic movie soundtracks, one at each show.  Hence, Verona Red's first ever Summergasm will forever be known as "Soundtrack Saturdays."  Don't worry, it'll still be the same rock and roll show we know you love from Verona Red, but we'll be adding an extra dash of covers to each show from some of our favorite movies.

All five shows are at Ace Bar in Chicago (1505 West Fullerton), cost $5, and start at 9.  However, to celebrate summer and orgasms and good times, we've arranged a deal for you all that's sure to provide you with thundering and immense Summergasms: for $20, you get into the show AND 3 hours of open bar from 9-12!  You can purchase this deal HERE.


Yep, that’s right $20 gets you admission plus 3 hours of open bar (9 – 12).  Purchase HERE.

--OR-- for all you rock and rollers hard on ca$h, we can offer you the SAME deal for $18.  That's 3 hours of open bar for just $13 after the $5 cover!  Wondering how to make this happen?  All you need to do is help promote the show.  Here are the step-by-step directions:
  1. Be sure you "Like" Verona Red on facebook and Audum Live Chicago
  2. Two separate times during the week prior to the show, post on your facebook wall about the show.  You MUST tag both Verona Red and Audum Live in your post.  (You can do so by just typing the @ symbol and then starting to type the names.)  Something as simple as "Excited to see @veronared play at @audumlive's show at Ace Bar this Saturday!" will work perfectly.  You need to post your two shout-outs by the Friday before the show at 7pm.
  3. Once you've completed step 2, just go to the facebook event page for the show and write on the wall letting us know you did step 2.
DONE.  You just saved $2 AND you helped spread the good word of rock and roll. AND since you can do this for every show, drinking for a total of 15 hours for just $65, we highly encourage you to preach on, preacher.

Show 1: Saturday, July 23 with PJ's MY COUSIN TOO and Stravere
Verona Red will feature music from the Anchorman soundtrack.
Facebook event @!/event.php?eid=245343912147812 

Show 2: Saturday, July 30 with Top Shelf Lickers and Magic Milk
Verona Red will feature music from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
Facebook event coming later.

Show 3: Saturday, August 6 with TAB the Band, Persistence of Memory and The Science of Sleep
LOLLA After Show! Missing TAB the Band at Lolla? Check 'em out here!
Verona Red will feature music from the Purple Rain soundtrack.
Facebook event coming later.

Show 4: Saturday, August 20 with The Bright White, My My My and Mr Russia
Verona Red will feature music from The Wedding Singer soundtrack.  Stay tuned to vote for the tracks you want covered!
Facebook event coming later.

Show 5: Saturday, August 27 with MachineGun Mojo, The Cathy Santonies and The Projection
Verona Red will feature music from a CLASSIC soundtrack. We'll let you know which one later.
Facebook event coming later.

7/23 - 8/27
5 Saturdays
5 Concerts
5 Soundtracks
$5 Cover