Verona Red pledges to donate concert proceeds to polar bears

The members of Verona Red have always felt that there was more to playing music than access to a wide variety of illegal drugs and promiscuous drunk women. They also feel that, once the morning after effects of said drugs have worn off and after they have managed to kick the drunken strangers out of their bedrooms, they can use their music and the crowds that support them to help worthy causes. One of the primary focuses for the band lately has been on polar bears and the rapid diminishment of their natural hunting grounds due to global warming. Experts predict that polar bears will be extinct in less than six weeks if this trend continues. The scene they describe is heartrending: individual polar bears sadly sitting on a tiny piece of ice, drinking a Coke, just drifting off into the horizon.

Verona Red is doing what they can to prevent this. At their Wednesday show at the Bottom Lounge, they are going to donate $1,000,000 Canadian dollars for every 1,000 people that show up to support them. That's right. You heard it here first, folks. And why Canadian dollars? Where do you think polar bears live? That's right, Canada.

When asked why they are doing this, the various members all had different motivations:
Chris - "I just think it's sad. We grew up always knowing that polar bears were around and that we could go to the zoo and see them. I just want future generations to be able to admire these noble creatures as well."
Mike - "Have you ever seen these things? They're killing machines. It's crazy. All they do is kill and sleep all day, and that's a lifestyle I feel I can really get behind, you know?"

Tony - "Well... they're starving, you know? Because the ice is melting and they have nowhere to hunt. So we want to make sure that they get the money, and I hope everyone understands that we will make sure that the money goes directly to the polar bears. No beaurocracy, no red tape that leeches money from the cause. We will personally deliver the cash to the ice floes and see that the bears have it, cash in paw."
Taz - "I just figure saying I'm saving polar bears will help get me laid. Oh ... and it's, like, a tragedy."

As one can tell, it's clearly a matter very close to all their hearts for different reasons. With the changing face of the world today, it's refreshing to see that a band cares about real issues facing the environment and the natural inhabitants of this world.

So come out and support Verona Red at the Bottom Lounge this Wednesday at 11 p.m.!