Paychecks Lounge (Hamtramck, MI) - 9/24/2010

A picture can say a million words. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have from the entire night at Hamtramck.

Thank you to Brad's parents for letting us stay with them and for the 3 am dinner!

See you soon Detroit!


Dancing For Money This Friday In Detroit

We're headed to Detroit this Friday for good times at Paychecks Lounge. I like the name of this place...it tells you exactly how to spend your money. Something this kid will probably eventually learn...

Then again I'm not really sure what's going on with this family. If that's his sister then I think it's kinda weird...

Verona Red dances for money...
Paychecks Lounge 2932 Caniff St Hamtramck, MI 48212
Friday Sept. 24, 2010
Cover: $5
Doors: 9 PM

9:30 - Dead Set Ready (http://www.myspace.com/deadsetready)
10:30 - Verona Red (www.myspace.com/veronared)
11:30 - The Pounders (http://www.myspace.com/thepounderslive)


Mike & Molly's (Champaign, IL) - 9/11/2010

So Champaign was a blast.  Going back to college for a night results in many good stories...but let me get straight to the goods...

So the second we get to the venue to load in we start getting followed by this homeless guy.  He claims to have just gotten out of jail and then proceeds to follow us around for the next hour and a half.  While the rest of us are thinking about how we're probably going to get stabbed, our new friend and bassist Brad begins working out trumpet arrangements for his and the homeless guy's Motown debut.

This is probably the best version of the Temptations classic Papa Was A Rolling Stone that you'll ever hear.

Brad is a man of the people, eventually the homeless guy got the cops called on him, but not before he asked Brad for $0.35 to get out of the arrest....not sure.

After this it was time for some rock and roll.  Outdoor shows on a beautiful night...can't beat it.

The show was great, the after-party was even better.  We went to Joe's Brewery and drank with some 19 year olds...proud we could keep up.  After the bar closed we decided to hit up a house party at which point we got cited with a warning for drinking in public en route, a ticket we only avoided because the cop felt bad for us after finding out we were 26 and still drinking in public, he was 23 at the oldest...this was embarrassing yet awesome.

Then it was back to our friend Tim's place, we woke up the next morning on a mattress that we kind of remember finding on the street...this was embarrassing but comfortable... at least for now...we'll keep you posted on the bed bug situation.

This is how you "afford the rock and roll lifestyle" bitches!


Hipsters Back In Time

Hipsters can be really funny.  You have to admit, even if you have a little bit of it in you (I certainly do), being around an over-board hipster can be flat out annoying, or entertaining depending on how self-gratifying your own sense of humor is.

Here's some stuff I've seen online lately that has really made me laugh...something about taking hipsters back in time via coloring books and comic strips really does it for me.

Exhibit A: Hipster Dinosaur Coloring Book

I love the shirt on this one...

See all the colorings here. http://imgur.com/a/A379E/1

Exhibit B: Hipster Hitler Comic Strip

Full comic strip here http://hipsterhitler.com/2010/08/juice/

Props to Jon Vehlow for the Hipster Hitler.

Can't wait to show what kind of real hipsters we are to all the fine folks in Champaign tomorrow!


Verona Red Feels Up Champaign This Saturday!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! I spent mine drinking happily to the efforts of laborers across the country.

Next weekend should be equally fun for us since we're headed to Champaign, IL for the first time to perform at Mike & Molly's (105 North Market Street) on Saturday 9/11.

I've been to U of I a few times before and had always had a blast. Folks out there know how to throw a party. Luckily we know a few kids out there, so we might get to avoid sleeping in the van...

By the looks of this video it seems U of I students already know how Verona Red sleeping arrangements work so I'm imagining it won't be too weird for them.

Verona Red feels up Champaign
Saturday, Sept. 11
Mike & Molly's (105 North Market Street)

Line up:
10PM - Verona Red (www.myspace.com/veronared)
11PM - Arkansas Dogjaw (http://www.myspace.com/arkansasdogjaw)

Check out the Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137024923009579&ref=ts