How To Spend $5,000 On A Music Video

Check out Red Fang's video for "Wires". There's a smart way to invest $5,000 in your music career.

Be true to rock and roll and it will be true to you.

Props to Sunny for sending this along.


Verona Red's Triumphant Return To The 70's

So a few weeks ago we traveled back in time to play a show in the 70's.

The time machine landed in Lake Zurich, IL the town Mike and I grew up in about 45 minutes northwest of Chicago. It was Mike's mom's 18th birthday, so we donned our puffy shirts and porno mustaches to help her celebrate.

Though we weren't alive in the 70's, pretending to be made me wish that I was.

Here's my best attempt at a Kevin Arnold-ish home video to recap the night.  Props to Stephanie for the retro camera work.


Rocking Some Jams At The Ace Bar This Friday in Chicago

So the weather is getting nice and I imagine if you're like me your starting to get that..."geez what's another reason I can go out and drink" feeling.

Well here's one...It's kind of a last minute thing...but we were feeling that summer impulsive decision thing...and  thought it'd be cool do a show where admission was on par with a can of Blatz?

Joins us at this Friday, May 13
The Ace Bar (1505 w Fullerton Chicago, IL)
Show 7:30PM
Admission $3

Show starts at 7:30 with a special guest performance by Aryk Crowder
Counting 10 - 10 PM
Verona Red - 11 PM

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114079978675583

IQ's Food, Music and Art (Green Bay, WI) 5/7/2011

This was our first trip to Green Bay.  We celebrated by going down to Bay Beach and playing on the playground.

Here's a sweet montage and some pics to follow.

We didn't have anyone with us to shoot the show, so this is all we have to remember the night by...which is actually pretty unfortuante.

The kids at IQ's were a rowdy bunch and we loved it.   Dancing, stripping, and spanking were par for the course. I even got this cool flower at the end of the night!

This re-affirms my belief that some small towns just know how to rock harder...next time I'm getting the camera up on stage for sure.

Oh and last but not least...if you are ever in Green Bay look up The Pat and Augie Show.  Hilarious guys and FANTASTIC musicians, it was so cool of them to jump on the bill last minute with us.


Frank's Power Plant (Milwaukee, WI) 5/6/2011

Milwaukee...it's Algonquin for the good land...

Sure is Mr. Cooper.  Frank's Power Plant was the shiz.

Thank you to Afraid of Dave and Arkady for sharing the stage.

Afraid of Dave taught us a lesson that night... don't let mishaps get you down...so what if your guitar strap breaks.. you can always play sitting down.

We took that lesson to heart... I mean so what if you fall off your bass amp and come crashing into the drums... you can always play laying down...

Haha serioulsy though Tony kicks ass...if you would have seen his hand after the show you would have been amazed that he got through the rest of the set without fainting from blood loss. I post this vid as an homage to him and his unwavering constitution.

The rest of the night was awesome.  We ate some peanuts, drank some beers and hung out with tons of cool folks.

Huge thanks to Claire for putting us up for the night. She is awesome.


Our Friends Bully In The Hallway Train For This Friday Night at Metro (Chicago, IL)

We're headed up to Wisconsin this weekend for shows in Milwaukee and Green Bay which means we're gonna miss our buds from Bully in the Hallway performing at the Metro...bummer.

Saw this video they posted and now I'm extra excited for all you Chicagoans who'll be there.

Looks like bi's, tri's and glutes are all prepped which usually = a pull out all the stops kind of rock show.

You can see why I'm bummed to miss it...make sure you don't.

Bully in the Hallway tomorrow night!
Friday May 6th at the Metro

Cobalt and The Hired Guns
Bully in the Hallway
Kelsey Montanez

18+ 9pm - $9 @ the door
Check out Bully's official's site for ways to save money on tickets.


Milwaukee and Green Bay Shows Added This Weekend!

"On Wisconsin!"

Milwaukee - Friday, May 6
Frank's Power Plant (2800 S Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI)
With Afraid of Dave and Arkady!
Tickets: $6
Doors: 9:30

Afraid of Dave - 10:30 PM
Verona Red - 11:30 PM
Arkady - 12:30 AM

Green Bay - Saturday, May 7
IQ's, Food, Music, and Art (2105 University Ave. Green Bay, WI)
With The Pat and Augie Show
Tickets: FREE SHOW!
Doors: 9:30

Verona Red - 11:00 PM