Lincoln Square Lounge (Decatur, IL) 7/9/2010

So I've decided there must be something in the water in Decatur IL, that brings out the kind of serious rock and roll mentality that it's residents possess.  This past Friday night at the Lincoln Square Lounge made me remember what makes rock and roll so special.

We waited for the dinner crowd to leave before we cleared tables and chairs out of the small restaurant dining room of the Lincoln Square Lounge, turning the pleasantly decorated eating space into a dimly lit and very intimate rock venue (the original venue that was supposed to host the show was shut down two days before, and the Lincoln Square Lounge was cool enough to let us take over their restaurant for the night on a last minute notice.)

The hospitality of the staff and the enthusiasm of the crowd to see a show in this kind of environment was really refreshing.

Local rock fans began piling into Lincoln Lounge around 9:30. The night started off with a great opening set by Jodyboss (http://www.facebook.com/JodybossMusic).  They had a great folksy sound that really set the mood and got feet tapping.

Verona Red was the ham in Friday night's rock and roll sandwich, playing second out of three.  We had a great time jumping off booths, wearing women's clothing, and just letting go a bit.

Ambient Green (www.myspace.com/ambientgreen) headlined the night, and played a fantastic set into the wee hours of Saturday morning.  This is the second time we played with them, and they put on another great show for the local Decaturites.

This was also the second time we got to go out partying with these guys after the show.  These fuckers are hilarious people and once again we had tons of fun with them and many of the other friends we made out at the first show in Decatur back June (Big shout out to Brandy, Jill, Tara, Curtis, Nicole and Lydia...you guys are awesome!)

Special thanks to Curtis and Lydia for showing us so much hospitality and letting us crash at their place.  You guys are the BALLS.

We can't wait to get back to Decatur soon!

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