Cubby Bear North (Lincolnshire, IL) - 3/19/2010

Who knew the suburbs could rock so hard?  They didn't rock nearly this hard when I grew up in them, I'll say that much.  The crowds were great and you really got the feeling that non-cover, non-tribute band music is alive and well in the NW suburbs of Chicago.  It's good to see, and even better to write in a blog.  Anyway, let's take gander at some pictures from the show, shall we?

At first we were afraid to face the crowd, without our KISS make-up and all.

Still afraid to look anyone in the eye, we acted as if we were just loosening up, awkwardly stretching to kill time.

John took the first crack at turning around.

He said, "C'mon guys, you can do it!  Facing the crowd is just peachy!"

With gleeful conviction, we put our Captain Planet powers together and decided to rock it like Bob Dole in the bedroom.

 But this guy didn't care, he yelled at Tony literally the entire show.

 Tony unleashed the dragon and gave him what for.

Needless to say that little display of chivalry earned us a pretty penny at the merch booth after the show.


Vollrath (Indianapolis, IN) - 3/6/2010

Trip to Vollrath in Indy seems to get shorter every time.  I literally pointed the car towards the highway, closed my eyes, and we were there in no time.

We all woke up with some stiffness, so stretching was essential.  This was kind of creepy, but effective


Had tons of fun playing here like we always do...next to Howards Club H in Bowling Green, this has to be one of the loudest stages in the Midwest.  Here's a clip of Long Neck Deep Curves...first song in the set so got a good view before the crowd came swarming the stage ;)

We were joined again by Kris Murphy on the harmonica, always a treat to jam with him.

We rocked and rocked and then rocked some more...

Then some more stretching

Then some more rocking.

We rocked into the early hours until Tony got sleepy...

A few shots later and he was back in business, hanging with some fans after the show.

Then it was off the after party.  Here's the Slippery Noodle in downtown Indy, awesome blues bar, I got there just as the band was finishing up, but heard they were the good times.

We hung out there until they refused to serve us any longer,.then to Steak and Shake for burgers and milk shakes.  Then back to the hotel for cards and sleep...11AM always comes earlier than you think its going to.

Next show is at Cubby Bear North in Lincolnshire this Friday March 19 with the Insecurities! http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=377837477188&ref=ts


Wilbert's (Cleveland, OH) - 2/20/2010

Arrived at Cleveland, rocked some dancing drunk lady's socks off, then went out with our new friends Kim and Joe after the show.

At some point in the night we decided to enter the cage...it was a bear fight.(an irish car bomb followed by a jager bomb).

After that things got hazy... my photographic genius enabled me to really capture the essence.

Things weren't nearly as pleasant in the morning...the truck broke down and we spent an extra couple hours in Cleveland watching downhill skiing at a Firestone just outside of downtown.

Special thanks to Dick the mechanic for getting us back on the road and not stealing everything out of the trunk.

Memphis Smoke (Royal Oak, MI) - 2/19/2010

Back to Royal Oak, home of Bruce Campbell and my heart.  Anyway, the show was fun, to read more about the performance and see pics check out http://motorcityblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/photos-by-riaz-k-verona-red-national.html

We closed out the bar listening to yarns spun by the self-proclaimed most interesting man in the world, Jerry (not the Dos Equis guy). After listening to the story of this dude's life for a couple hours I can honestly say I think he might just be the most interesting person in the world. It’s really all too much to get into here, and probably not safe for Jerry if I do…so if you ever see this guy, buy him a beer and take a seat.

After the show we went to the Knights Inn, our hotel of choice.  The rooms are always prepped and clean when we arrive.

Mike was ripe for a snack

This got John all riled up for some weird S&M shit…but Tony knew we had an early morning drive to Cleveland.

It wasn’t until he saw Mike’s bread that he decided taking a face-full might not be a bad idea.


Subterranean (Chicago, IL) - 1/9/2010

It was our first show 2010 Chicago show, and we celebrated in style. It was a holiday affair.

Gifts were wrapped

Garland was strung

And nipples were rubbed

I had such a great time at this show, words really can’t describe it. A big thank you to The Locals and The Glide for joining us on this bill. And a big thank you to everyone who made it out.  There were a lot of great memories from that night.

Loving The Locals

Getting my cock blown clean off by The Glide

Giving out condoms/saving America

Rock And Roll

Busting out of pants (aka eating too much sweet and sour chicken before the show and breaking my belt somewhere near the end of the set.)

And following the adventures of traveling jock strap

By the end of the night everyone had hung their undies on a light fixture or two and everything was right in the world.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to eveyrone who showed us support at this show.  Can't wait to party with you all again real soon!