Cubby Bear North (Lincolnshire, IL) - 3/19/2010

Who knew the suburbs could rock so hard?  They didn't rock nearly this hard when I grew up in them, I'll say that much.  The crowds were great and you really got the feeling that non-cover, non-tribute band music is alive and well in the NW suburbs of Chicago.  It's good to see, and even better to write in a blog.  Anyway, let's take gander at some pictures from the show, shall we?

At first we were afraid to face the crowd, without our KISS make-up and all.

Still afraid to look anyone in the eye, we acted as if we were just loosening up, awkwardly stretching to kill time.

John took the first crack at turning around.

He said, "C'mon guys, you can do it!  Facing the crowd is just peachy!"

With gleeful conviction, we put our Captain Planet powers together and decided to rock it like Bob Dole in the bedroom.

 But this guy didn't care, he yelled at Tony literally the entire show.

 Tony unleashed the dragon and gave him what for.

Needless to say that little display of chivalry earned us a pretty penny at the merch booth after the show.

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