Memphis Smoke (Royal Oak, MI) - 2/19/2010

Back to Royal Oak, home of Bruce Campbell and my heart.  Anyway, the show was fun, to read more about the performance and see pics check out http://motorcityblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/photos-by-riaz-k-verona-red-national.html

We closed out the bar listening to yarns spun by the self-proclaimed most interesting man in the world, Jerry (not the Dos Equis guy). After listening to the story of this dude's life for a couple hours I can honestly say I think he might just be the most interesting person in the world. It’s really all too much to get into here, and probably not safe for Jerry if I do…so if you ever see this guy, buy him a beer and take a seat.

After the show we went to the Knights Inn, our hotel of choice.  The rooms are always prepped and clean when we arrive.

Mike was ripe for a snack

This got John all riled up for some weird S&M shit…but Tony knew we had an early morning drive to Cleveland.

It wasn’t until he saw Mike’s bread that he decided taking a face-full might not be a bad idea.

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