Gabe's (Iowa City, IA) - 10/15/2010

Gabe's = good times.

We rolled into Iowa City early enough to take a tour of the town where we saw plenty of running drunkards, upright pianos in the middle of the sidwalks, and spontaneous break dance parties... got some video and pics of this stuff but they didn't turn out so maybe next time.

The show was tons of fun. We shared the bill with Amanda Miller (http://www.myspace.com/khadijaandlexi) and Jake Dilley and the Color Pharmacy (http://www.myspace.com/jakedilley) both acts were peachy.

Got the chance to hang out with the guys from Jake Dilley and the Color Pharmacy after the show...cool dudes.

Also drank a few beers with Paul and Lindberg, the guys who book for Gabe. Was really a pleasure getting to hang out with these guys and talk music.

Huge thanks to both of them for the drinks and hospitality. Can't wait to get back to Iowa City soon.


Ordinance Protects Iowa City From Rock and Roll Explosion This Friday!

Verona Red rides into America's first "Nuclear Weapon Free City" this Friday Oct. 15 to perform at Gabe's in Iowa City (330 E. Washington St. Iowa City, IA 52242)

Could be tough to limit the rock and roll blastage to sub-nuclear levels...but we'll try.

Can't wait to be back at Gabe's!

Verona Red almost explodes...
This Friday October 15
At Gabe's (330 E. Washington St. Iowa City, IA 52242)
Cover: $5

10pm - 10:40pm - Amanda Miller
11pm - 12:00pm - Jake Dilley and the Color Pharmacy
12:15pm - 1:15pm - Verona Red


Bear's Place (Bloomington, IN) - 10/8/2010

Well kinda hard to sum this one up...

The show was tons of fun...and the crowd and staff was awesome.  One "Hairy Bear" and a passed-around glass of moonshine later and things got a bit fuzzy...the blurriness of these pics really adds to the effect I'd say.

Hairy Bear and me making friends

Jamming at Kris Murphy's after the show

Mike doing.... well something

Once again though Bloomington proves to be a blast and showed us a lot of love.

Special thanks to...

  • Our awesome waitress Kimmi, not only for bringing us drinks but also for joining us for some "No Way Home" tambourine-ing
  • Marissa and Pam for bringing back that pizza and partying with us straight into Saturday morning
  • And of course ...Kris Murphy for the hospitality and back rubs
See you soon Btown!


Rock and Roll McDonalds in Bloomington, IN Tomorrow Night

Almost 13 years ago the late/great Wesley Willis blessed the folks in Bloomington, IN with his premonitions of our country's battle with fast-food addiction.

Come eat some quarter-pounders in his honor with us tomorrow night at Bear's Place. (1316 E. 3rd St. Bloomington, IN).

Verona Red sucks a cheetah's smelly ass
Bear's Place (1316 E. 3rd St. Bloomington, IN)
Doors: 9:30
Cover: $5

The 8's (http://www.myspace.com/the8smusic) 10-10:30
The Constants (http://www.myspace.com/theconstantsindy) 10:45-11:15
Verona Red (http://www.myspace.com/veronared) 11:30-12
Casket Sharp (http://www.myspace.com/casketsharp) 12-12:30