Mike Gets All Snuffleupagus On This Bitch!

Mike's best Mr. Snuffleupagus impression. Look out big bird!


Last Week We Rocked Chicago Back-to-Back

As I'm sure you're aware from our promotions, we played in Chicago last Thursday and Friday.  Thursday we were at Loose Leaf Lounge on Broadway for one of the first acoustic Verona Red sets we've done in a LONG time.  We had a great time, so we'll be doing another one for sure.  Thanks to all who came out and relaxing with us!  If you couldn't make it, or if you did join us but had such a magical time you want to re-live it, here are a few videos from the set.

On Friday we were back to our much louder, much crazier rock and roll.  It was awesome to share the stage with such great musicians, and to see all your smiley faces.  We don't have any videos for you from that night, but we do have a few pics and a great review from Consequence of Sound.  

Thanks AGAIN to all for coming out.  We're releasing new music at our next Chicago show, so prepare yourself.  Good times will be had. 


Another Cool Review from Consequence of Sound

One blog on my regular rotation is Consequence of Sound.  Unbeknown to us, a reviewer from that very blog was at our Subterranean show on Friday to see Hurricane Bells.  You can read the concert's full review at http://consequenceofsound.net/2010/05/16/hurricane-bells-bring-a-sonic-storm-to-chicago-514/, but the super-duper paragraph dedicated to Verona Red is below.  We've been really proud of our last few performances in Chicago, it's awesome when a really cool blog like this agrees we brought the good times (again)! 

"Opener Verona Red warmed up the crowd with a surprisingly accessible brand of Chicago rock. You don’t expect a totally familiar vibe from a band you’ve never heard before, but there it was. With warm guitar, a well-pounded tambourine, and bongo drums laid over the full percussion, Verona Red played a set that I felt a high-school-music affection for. Lead singer Chris Balzer danced in a way that made his music seem as if it came up from the shoes of his soul. Anyone who hasn’t seen this local Chicago band is missing out; hopefully they’ll be hitting the festival circuit this summer."

Thanks again to ALL who came out!


Tonight's Show Outlawed in the State of Illinois?


According to Law Crime News Illinois, tonight's show at Subterranean is a top story in today's crime report???

Guess I always knew the day would eventually come when someone realized we were so good it's criminal, it's just that it's so surreal when it finally happens.

Really though this isn't a joke (see screen shot below).  We're the #2 top running crime story for the entire state!  You can find us just behind "Aurora man who fled attempted murder trial nabbed in Dekalb" and just ahead of "Elderly woman found beaten to death in Highland Park Home"

This is for everyone who thought we'd never amount to anything.


Bringing Back the Acoustifunkleration of Independence?

So here's some phrases you would have heard a million times in the past few years if you were me:

"What happened to the acoustic guitar?"
"How come you guys to don't do that acoustifunkerlation shit anymore?"
"You guys were cooler when you used to play all that acoustic stuff."
"Stop sending me texts about fornicating with my mother"

So here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna meet you half way on these requests with an acoustic show tomorrow night.

That's right we'll be getting warmed up for a weekend of Rock And Roll with a FREE acoustic performance at Loose Leaf Lounge (2915 N. Broadway) this Thursday May 13.

We start sometime between 7:30 and 8 so grab some coffee and some food with us and see what it's like to rock and roll without all the booze and morning-after guilt.  I've it tried once or twice and have to admit it can be surprisingly uplifting, good for the colon.

Can't say I'm exactly sure what it's going to be like when there is no drum set to jump on, or monitor speaker to knock over... but I can say it's our goal is to improvise and hope we don't get kicked out... and that's all the more incentive you should need to get there on time.

Like I said we'll be meeting you half way on this, so DO NOT expect to stop getting texts about your mother. Come out tomorrow night and enjoy the compromise :)

Seriously though, we're really looking forward to this, should be a really fun time.

Loose Leaf Lounge (2915 N. Broadway Chicago IL)
Thursday May 13
Getting there around 7:30, starting soon after


Hurricane Bells Make Shopping Carts Attack: See Them (And Us) This Friday 5/14!

Only two days left til the rockage goes down this Friday, May 14, at Subterranean (2011 W. North Ave). Come out early for the good times (we go on at 9:30 sharp), but definitely make sure you stick around. We always appreciate the chance to get nutty with you all after we play. Also, I can't forget to mention that the band right after us, King Sparrow (Chicago), kicks ass. You don't wanna miss them for sure. Check 'em out @ http://www.myspace.com/kingsparrow.

The headliners, Hurricane Bells (New York), are going to be a good time too.  This little vid of theirs really struck my fancy. I'm a happy camper anytime shopping carts come alive and start attacking people.

Here's Hurricane Bells website to check them out more http://www.myspace.com/hurricanebells.

Can't wait to see you all on Friday!  Here's a link to the facebook event  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112224412151384&ref=ts


Saying Goodbye To Our Practice Space

Verona Red sets sail to a new practice space.  The full experience is documented below.  Enjoy!

Remember, Verona Red melts faces this Friday, May 14 at Subterranean in Chicago.  Check out the Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=112224412151384&ref=ts


Verona Red Is Now On Bandcamp!

What is that you say?  Verona Red has man cramps?  No, crazyface we're on Bandcamp, but that's okay, I've heard several times in my life that no one can understand me when I talk and especially when I sing.  I think it's because I've evolved more than most.

Common misheard Verona Red lyrics include "Eat a sheep" or "K suck your nutsah!"  Well Band Camp is here to help.  Not only can you download all of Side Effects for $5, but you can also sift through all of our strange and sexually cryptic lyrics.  Think of this as your Rosetta Stone for Verona Red, the language of creepy love.

For all you FREE music connoisseurs the following tracks are available for FREE via Bandcamp starting the very moment you read this, and will end exactly 3 moments after you finish dinner later tonight. (just kidding)

In the Coat Check (FREE)
Marjorie (FREE)
All We Ever Had (FREE with email)