Another Cool Review from Consequence of Sound

One blog on my regular rotation is Consequence of Sound.  Unbeknown to us, a reviewer from that very blog was at our Subterranean show on Friday to see Hurricane Bells.  You can read the concert's full review at http://consequenceofsound.net/2010/05/16/hurricane-bells-bring-a-sonic-storm-to-chicago-514/, but the super-duper paragraph dedicated to Verona Red is below.  We've been really proud of our last few performances in Chicago, it's awesome when a really cool blog like this agrees we brought the good times (again)! 

"Opener Verona Red warmed up the crowd with a surprisingly accessible brand of Chicago rock. You don’t expect a totally familiar vibe from a band you’ve never heard before, but there it was. With warm guitar, a well-pounded tambourine, and bongo drums laid over the full percussion, Verona Red played a set that I felt a high-school-music affection for. Lead singer Chris Balzer danced in a way that made his music seem as if it came up from the shoes of his soul. Anyone who hasn’t seen this local Chicago band is missing out; hopefully they’ll be hitting the festival circuit this summer."

Thanks again to ALL who came out!

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