Hurricane Bells Make Shopping Carts Attack: See Them (And Us) This Friday 5/14!

Only two days left til the rockage goes down this Friday, May 14, at Subterranean (2011 W. North Ave). Come out early for the good times (we go on at 9:30 sharp), but definitely make sure you stick around. We always appreciate the chance to get nutty with you all after we play. Also, I can't forget to mention that the band right after us, King Sparrow (Chicago), kicks ass. You don't wanna miss them for sure. Check 'em out @ http://www.myspace.com/kingsparrow.

The headliners, Hurricane Bells (New York), are going to be a good time too.  This little vid of theirs really struck my fancy. I'm a happy camper anytime shopping carts come alive and start attacking people.

Here's Hurricane Bells website to check them out more http://www.myspace.com/hurricanebells.

Can't wait to see you all on Friday!  Here's a link to the facebook event  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=112224412151384&ref=ts

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