Last Week We Rocked Chicago Back-to-Back

As I'm sure you're aware from our promotions, we played in Chicago last Thursday and Friday.  Thursday we were at Loose Leaf Lounge on Broadway for one of the first acoustic Verona Red sets we've done in a LONG time.  We had a great time, so we'll be doing another one for sure.  Thanks to all who came out and relaxing with us!  If you couldn't make it, or if you did join us but had such a magical time you want to re-live it, here are a few videos from the set.

On Friday we were back to our much louder, much crazier rock and roll.  It was awesome to share the stage with such great musicians, and to see all your smiley faces.  We don't have any videos for you from that night, but we do have a few pics and a great review from Consequence of Sound.  

Thanks AGAIN to all for coming out.  We're releasing new music at our next Chicago show, so prepare yourself.  Good times will be had. 

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