Book Of The Year?

I don't think I've ever made a book recommendation on this blog before...probably because i can't read beyond a first grade level. Actually that probably explains why this book goes straight to the top of my list.  The writing is classic Mansbach prose with undertones of Conrad and Stein.

Click HERE to purchase.


New Young Jesus Video Goodness

Check out Young Jesus's brand new video for Chicago Alone Pt. 2. Been digging these guys since we first shared a bill at Viaduct Theatre in Chicago in April of this year.

Good tune, good video, good band. Enjoy!

Chicago Alone Pt. 2 from The Visualistas on Vimeo.


Six Corners BBQ Fest (Chicago, IL) - 6/18/2011

You know it's a good day when you're pulling monkey pubes off your back...that's what my parents always said.

In fact, the Six Corners BBQ Fest felt less like a show and more like a jungle by the end.

A little kid dressed up like a banana jumped on stage with his monkey friend and sang No Way Home with us...

Guess this is what summer is all about.

What a badass little banana kid!

We met a lot of cool folks at the first annual BBQ fest...

Including Lorence from ReactionArt who posted this vid over the weekend.

Thanks Lorence and all the other BBQ enthusiasts who partook in the good times this Saturday!


Cristal Poppin!

What a badass!

Making a point about players who stick with there team, much respect to Dirk.


Verona Red At Six Corners BBQ Fest! Sat. 6/18

FREE show.

The fest is in Six Corners on Milwaukee Avenue starting at Irving Park and Cicero and stretching to Belle Plain and will feature great food, beer gardens, and MUSIC.

Fire it up!

Saturday – June 18th 2011
12:30 pm – Rigor Vitae
2:30 pm – Verona Red
4:30 pm – Hoyle Bros.
6:30 pm – Tom Schraeder & His Ego
8:30 pm – The Bottle Rockets

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=232339416781686


Social Media Has Invaded My Subconcious

I had a dream last night that I was bit by dog that had rabies.  As a result my thumb swelled up like R. Kelly at a slumber party and exploded.  It then re-formed and exploded again...and again....and again...it happened like twenty times... Each explosion would spew delicious peaches and cottage cheese forth onto the floor.  I was at the vet's office with my mom when this happened so I turned to the veterinarian for reassurance that this was a common for someone who just contracted rabies; however, she was unable to offer any explanation as to why the lazy summer-afternoon snack was sploodging from my body.

Instead of being stunned by the contents, I had the immediate presence of mind to grab my phone to record videos of the explosions and post them to all my social networking sites...including this one.  I woke up right as I was telling my mom that our family was going to be known all over the world very soon.

Looks like the modern age has rooted itself into my subconscious, and is now a part of who I am at my most inner and private state.  Damn you Skynet.

Shifting gears for a second, anyone have any ideas what it means to dream about your thumb exploding peaches and cottage cheese?  Too much stress? Sexual confusion? Fresh fruit rage?


Southgate House (Newport, KY) - 6/4/2011

There were plenty of interesting things to see in Newport, KY this weekend.

I saw Tony living the high life.

I saw Adam "Uncle Sammin'" it up the stairs.

I saw two monkeys get married.

And a man who wanted to marry a dinosaur.

I saw a good set by the cool dudes of Fairhaven...huge thanks to them for letting us borrow there drum set after we forgot several components of ours.

I saw an outgoing car.

And a car that was really happy with Mike's drumming.

Not photographed above:

I saw some really close friends who came out to the show to surprise us (We love you Siiri and Steve)
I also saw our van battery die and then somehow come to life again without getting a jump several hours later.
I saw the Ohio river and nearly stumbled in.
I saw more White Castle than I ever want to see again.

Oh the good times.  If the Southgate House were a monkey, I'd marry it.


Southgate House in Newport, KY This Saturday 6/4

Can't wait to return to Southgate House this Saturday. This was one of our favorite tour stops.

Pickle juice and Jameson here we come!

Verona Red gets nutty at Southgate House (Newport KY) this Saturday!
Doors: 8:30pm
Farehaven - 9:30pm
Verona Red - 10:30pm
The Kickaways - 11:30pm
Ages: 18+
Tickets: $5 (21+) & $8 (18-20)