4/22 Viaduct Theater Show Preview: Young Jesus

3 days and then rock and roll at the Viaduct Theatre.  I really dig their name, their sound, and the idea of playing with them in less than half-a-week.  Who is they?  They is Young Jesus.

Young Jesus @ 10
Par Avion @ 11
Verona Red @ 12

I really love the feeling of honesty that comes from this band. Their songs pull at some emotion in you that is somewhere between sadness and positively looking forward. Kind of like an "ah fuck it" vibe that you can pick up on... it took me out of my own head when I listened to them for the first time, and I've been digging it since.

Fans of The National, Titus Adronicus, Death Cab or The Pixies should check 'em out for sure.

They just got back from The Rites of Spring Festival at Vanderbilt Univeristy...where they may or may not have shared a tent with Edward Sharpe? That's pretty badass.

Favorite lyric:
"Somebody told me rock and roll is gonna die, let's not let it be tonight"


Check em out.

Friday, April 22
Viaduct Theatre
3111 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL

Young Jesus @ 10
Par Avion @ 11
Verona Red @ 12

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=111690785580257

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