A Special Message About Tomorrow's Show At Viaduct Theatre

My ass said it right, the first 40 people through the door will be treated to FREE VR condoms, lighters, bottle openers, buttons and music.

Remember there are a few other special things about this show
  1. This is a theatre...but it's not a porn theater... meaning you'll have to be on your best behavior...you can take your neighbor's pants off, but ask politely and use proper English if you do.
  2. There will be beer..from what I understand very good beer and also very cheap beer...not super particular to this show... but different for a usual theatre setting...
  3. Par Avion and Young Jesus will be there.  They are two really awesome Chicago bands that will be sharing the night with us. If you haven't checked out our previews of them...click on their names to learn more.
  4. The theatre is under a Viaduct at Belmont, Western and Clybourn... And next to the Viaduct is parking lot.  You can park your car in their lot for $5 or you can find street parking which usually is pretty easy this far west.
  5. It's our first show in Chicago after 26 shows far far far far away from our favorite city and our favorite people! We miss YOU!
Come early for your free shit.

Friday, April 22
Viaduct Theatre
3111 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL

Young Jesus @ 10
Par Avion @ 11
Verona Red @ 12

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=111690785580257

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