(Backlog) Tour Day 1: Cowboy Monkey (Champaign, IL)

Backlog...yep I'm already behind with finding time at places with good free wifi to post these. So we'll have to pretend like it's yesterday afternoon again.

So night one of Pound tour leg 2 is in the books. We arrived in Champaign around 6 PM for load-in/soundcheck and to meet up with our good friend Tim Wilson on his 22nd birthday. This was our first time at Cowboy Monkey, which I have to say is a really really nice music venue. It's a little bit buried admits the curvy weird streets in downtown historic Champaign, but if you ever get a chance to check it out, it's a real nice find…

We had a great time bouncing around a roomy stage.

Major props to Neoga Blacksmith and Black Jack Radio, two good local bands two good sets.

After the show we went to Joe's and drank with the University of Illinois's finest/drunkest. It was a dance party sandwich.. normally I'd say we were the salami, but last night so we were more like the creepy side of french fries.

After a few drinks we ended up missing our connection for a place to crash, so we snuggled up with the laptop and some Super Troopers and fell asleep.

Brad, a good friend that came along with us to lend a hand/keep it real/hang out, made a miracle run to get 24 bottled waters, pizzas and pop tarts so we all went to bed well fed and whatever the opposite of thirsty is.

Today we're on the road to Arkansas to play in Hot Springs at Maxine's tonight. Drive has been pretty nice, lots of grass and rocks to look at. It's a nine hour drive and so far Adam has been rocking it all on his own. He's a machine, he is to driving shifts as Sting is to tantric sex.

That's pretty much it. We're excited to make our first Arkansas appearance later tonight. We drove through it on our way to Austin a week and a half ago, and really enjoyed variety of hybrid city names like Texarkana and Arkadelphia. Anyone know any other cool ones down here? San Antonasa? Arklehoma? Las Vegasaw

Oh yeah I almost forgot the most important part. We started a contest yesterday to see who could guess which band/artist we would hear the most on the radio over the next 7 days. The winning band from the last road trip was Aerosmith, Phil Collins was the one before that. So far most of us aren't doing so well on this trip. Steve (playing the bass for us on this tour) is the only with a mark on the board after 14 hours of drive time already logged.

"Adam Rubs America Radio Challenge" Scoreboard
Chris - Doors - 0
Mike - Foo Fighters - 0
Adam - Creedance Clearwater Revival - 0
Steve - Red Hot Chili Peppers - 1
Brad - Metallica - 0

If anyone else wants to get in on the ARA Radio-Merica Challenge. Send us your picks and we'll you enter you for a chance to win the grand prize…. a full massage package from Adam, a $45 value as gift from us to you.

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RococoRissa said...

I want in on the radio challenge. Sounds like you guys are listening to a rock variety station? I vote Beatles.

This is for sheer dork music cred, not the massage.