(Backlog) Tour Day 2: Maxine's (Hot Springs, AR)

Hot Springs totally blew away our expectations. All we knew of Hot Springs was that Bill Clinton was born and probably scored with tons of chicks down there. Other than that we just figured it was a quiet little town.

Yeah guess not, there's actually a really vibrant nightlife in downtown Hot Springs. We had a great time performing at Maxine's.

After the show we checked out the Strip Karaoke joint, for a few seconds until they told us it was a $10 cover to sing and watch strippers. We met up with our new friends Shannon and Carol. They were the great. We hung out in their hotel for the night grabbed some showers in the morning and took off for Dallas around 1:30 the next afternoon.

After about two minutes of driving our oil light came on, so it was off to the Walmart to get 5 gallons of store brand oil. Good stuff.  We also discovered you can get a machete for the low everyday price of $8.48.

The drive to Dallas has been cushy, these Texas highways are super wide and allow for maximum "driftability." Which is good because I'm driving (yes I'm writing this in my head right now…it's actually Sunday morning.)

Tonight we'll be at Double Wide in Dallas. The local papers have us playing at a couple different venues. But it's looking like The Double Wide will be our best bet!

And last but not least…Mike has taken a slight lead in the ARA Radio Challenge.

"Adam Rubs America Radio Challenge" Scoreboard
Mike - Foo Fighters - 2
Brad - Metallica - 1
Chris - Doors - 1
Steve - Red Hot Chili Peppers - 1
Adam - Creedence Clearwater Revival - 0

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