(Backlog) Tour Day 6: The SoundPony (Tulsa, OK)

So far Oklahoma has the best roads I've ever driven on. Seriously its like sailing down a sea of silky pavement. All of a sudden you'll look down and realize you are going 230 knots and you didn't even realize it.

If it weren't for the masses of smoke from roadside grass burnings mixed with chemical fumes from the innumerable chemical plants along the way you could probably sleep like a baby through this entire stretch of the Indian Nation Turnpike.

At the moment we are leaving Oklahoma, just entering Missouri where I'm doubting the roads will be as nice based on what I remember from our last trip to St. Louis in June.

The show last night at The SoundPony was a lot of fun. Again we were met with another bustling tight knit music scene similar to Newport and Nashville. The crowd on a Monday night was fantastic.  Adam's parents even made the 3.5 hour drive from Kansas to see us!  What an awesome surprise!

The staff awesome too. The offered us unlimited free hotdogs and three-two beers which I had never heard of until yesterday.

Another first for me was a fat and floppy spill off the bass drum near the end our set. I went for a usual epic jump at the Marty McFly ending of After All and unfortunately botched the approach entirely, slamming down into Mike's toms nearly knocking over one of his cymbals.  I was embarrassed for a moment, but then remembered there's no points for proper dismounts in rock and roll.

After the show we scored our fourth consecutive place to crash on this leg of the tour. This time in the MOTHER F'ING EMBASSY SUITES….WOOT WOOT who's on their way up now?!?!?!

HAHA seriously though it was very sweet of our new friends Alicia, Allison and Laura for letting us crash with them. Strangely enough two of them worked at Maxine's in Hot Springs where we played this past Friday night. Laura was actually working there the night we played…small world, but very cool to see some familiar faces hundreds of miles away.

And finally, the absolutely most important news... with only one show left, Mike and Brad have begun pulling away from the pack in the ARA Radio Challenge.  Adam and I still suck.  Marissa...sorry had you got in earlier you may have been in the lead.

"Adam Rubs America Radio Challenge" Scoreboard
Mike - Foo Fighters - 5
Brad - Metallica - 5
Steve - Red Hot Chili Peppers - 3
Chris - Doors - 2
Adam - Creedence Clearwater Revival - 1
Marissa - Beatles - 1

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RococoRissa said...

If you really loved me, you'd sneak in a Beatles CD when the other guys weren't looking...