Tour Day 3: The Double Wide (Dallas, TX)

Back on the super wide Texas highways en route from Dallas to Austin. Excited to see what Austin is like in the aftermath of SXSW. We had so much fun in Austin two weeks ago, everyone is really happy to be going back. There is certainly some BBQ brisket in our near future.

Last night at the Double Wide in Dallas was an unusual night. Kind of an off night for us. Certainly wasn't the best show we've ever had, but we still managed to see some weird shit.  This girl won a pickle for this awkward feat.

Sometimes a really fun/quirky venue with a good staff can make a bad night good again. A few drinks after the show with new friends never hurts that either. Especially the kind of drinks they had at Double Wide. I'm a huge White Russian guy, so this was hilarious.

I was shocked by how tasty this was with Yoohoo.

After the show we partied with two new friends. Thank you again to Misty and Kui. So nice of you to put us up for the night. Several drinks and a few old punk albums later we crashed till low flying airplanes shook us awake in the morning.

Southern hospitality is the balls.

In other news, Mike continues to crawl ahead of the pack in the ARA Radio Challenge. Looks like he is starting to pull away…oddly enough Adam hasn't scored a single point in his radio challenge.

"Adam Rubs America Radio Challenge" Scoreboard
Mike - Foo Fighters - 4
Brad - Metallica - 2
Chris - Doors - 1
Steve - Red Hot Chili Peppers - 1
Adam - Creedance Clearwater Revival - 0

Tonight it's Momo's in Austin. Can't wait for brisket and rock and roll!