Viaduct Theatre (Chicago, IL) 4/22/2011

Lights, camera, action! That’s what it felt like at the Viaduct Theatre. Minus the cameras…this whole get up felt like we were on American Bandstand.

Was seriously so cool to do something different. Loved this backdrop and three tiered stage.

Huge thanks to everyone who watched my butt video, listened to what my ass had to say and showed up early to pick up some free VR shwag. We hope you are enjoying it, or at least put it in someone else’s Easter basket or Passover dinner.

If you were there early you likely caught an AMAZING set by Young Jesus. It was such a treat to share the stage with them and the dudes in Par Avion who also rocked socks.

What a warm welcome back home. We couldn’t be happier.

Until next time...stay steamy my weenies.

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