(Backlog) Tour Day 5: Momo's (Austin, TX)

The road to Tulsa is windy…so much so, Adam is literally fighting the steering wheel to stay in on I-35 North right now, it's pretty intense, but when mixed with the 70's funkaldelic radio jams we've been enjoying for the past couple hours, it's actually kind of entertaining.  I think scanning between classic rock stations can only go on for so long before you start going nuts.

The show last night in Austin at Momo's was quite different from our SXSW experience a few weeks ago. 

We rolled into town around 6 PM, grabbed some BBQ at Stubb's which was actually not only a BBQ place but a really badass music venue.  The Scissor Sisters were playing on the outdoor stage behind the restaurant while we were eating.  We snuck looks at the show when we could.  Although I was impressed how they managed to put all windows and doorways at angles and spots where non-ticket holders couldn't really see the stage.  Still the large gaggle of cross-dressed and barely clothed concert-goers made for entertaining snooping regardless.

After amazing BBQ brisket, ribs and a side of beans and Serrano cheese spinach ( (yes we're made of millions), we headed over to Momo's to set up for the show.

We weren't expecting much out of a midnight slot in Austin on a Sunday night the week after SXSW…but actually we were surprised by the number of people who stayed out.  Many of them expressed that they had to get up for work before 7AM, but didn't really care about their jobs, so that worked out for us.

After the show we crashed with Mike's cousin, George.  He put us up for a few nights during the festival as well.  It was good to see him and his dog Rogue again, fun to get my balls smelled and what not.  A quick nap and we were back on the road for the 9 hour drive to Tulsa.  And that takes to where I am right now, blowing all over the road between blog writing and hot Commodores jams.

We're really looking forward to tonight's show at The SoundPony in Tulsa.   I've never been there before, so I get to check another city off my list.

"Adam Rubs America Radio Challenge" Scoreboard
Mike - Foo Fighters - 4
Steve - Red Hot Chili Peppers - 2
Brad - Metallica - 2
Chris - Doors - 1
Marissa (Online submission) - Beatles - 1
Adam - Creedence Clearwater Revival - 0

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