Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the final night of Summergasm 2011!  This summer will stick out as one of my favorite Verona Red memories.  It was one of those things that we decided to do without really knowing if we could or if anyone would really be into it.  You guys made us feel really awesome with all the support you showed, even as we hacked our way through the Bee Gee's catalog :)  We are already already excited for Summergasm 2012.

I can't say how much I appreciate the fact that you guys made every night fun, and that so many of you made it out to each and every Saturday we played at Ace Bar this summer.

You guys gave us so much energy throughout this, that we were able to stock pile it up and use it to power on through to Minneapolis for a 9 AM show at the Muddy Buddy race in Afton Alps ski resort the very next day.  Huge thanks to Brad for staying awake and driving our asses through the night.

Here's some pics from the final Summergam show (Hint: in case you weren't sure...those were songs from the Blues Brothers :)  Huge thanks to Machine Gun Mojo, The Projection and The Cathy Santonies for joining the bill.

And yes we all placed in the Muddy Buddy race after our set.

Thank you to the Ace Bar, Audum Live, and all the bands who helped make Summergasm 2011 an amazing experience.  But most of all....THANK YOU!


Penny Road Pub (Barrington, IL) and Summergasm Night 4 at Ace Bar (Chicago, IL) 8/19-8/20/2011

It was a fun filled weekend.  We had a REAL intimate show at Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL on Friday night and then REAL rowdy show at Ace Bar in Chicago on Saturday.  It was a rock and roll weekend that was capped off with a hazy bachelorette party for our good friend Katie.

This is what I got after stealing pictures of facebook from everyone who had a camera this weekend.


Congratulations to our friend Katie, and thank you to everyone who came out and made it an awesome weekend!  Also a big thanks to Machine 22, The Bright White, My My My and Mr. Russia for lending their talents to an awesome night.

With our Wedding Singer show in the books, the fifth and final night of Summergasm 2011 is just around the corner!


Announcing Summergasm Night 5 (The Final Night) at Ace Bar - 8/27/2011

I know we've been leaving you hanging about the movie soundtrack that we'll be picking from on the fifth and final night of Summergasm 2011. But think about it, you only have five days left until it's revealed and all the anticipationgasm is over...

Comment on the blog, facebook or twitter with what movie you think it is going to be. We already know what it is, but we're curious to hear what you think it might be...

This year's last gasm...
Saturday 8/27/2011
at Ace Bar


Verona Red: 9 PM (Special note: Verona Red will be going on at 9 PM for this show. Get there early to bid Summergasm farewell.)
Machine Gun Mojo: 10 PM
The Cathy Santonies: 11 PM
The Projection: 12 AM

Cover: 5

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/mcdunnasbar#!/event.php?eid=133405110074243


We're Playing A Place Close To Where I Grew Up This Friday 8/19- Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL

It's like that Home song except I don't think Barrington, IL is one of the places they mention.

My memories of growing up near Barrington, IL are a little sparse.  I remember there are a lot of horses and I remember going to basketball camp at Barrington HS one summer when I was in junior high.  On the first day all the kids had given themselves cool nicknames based on premium cable TV movie channels, like Showtime, Cinemax, or HBO.  I remember I was late on the first day and by the time I had gotten their even lesser known channels like Encore and Starz had already been claimed.  I ended up going with Turner Movie Classics which I later realized was a part of the basic cable package.  Needless to say this didn't earn me a lot of respect, nor did it sound really cool when you screamed it out during passing drills.  It was a long summer.

Watch me re-live my painful past
This Friday 8/19
At Penny Road Pub (545 Penny Road Barrington, IL 60010
In the Underground Rock Room
Fickles Lot - 10:45 PM
Verona Red - 11:30 PM

Cover: $6


TG's (Kenosha, WI) - 8/13/2011

We thought it would be a low-key night at a small bar in Kenosha.... but we were wrong as usual.

Thank you TG's, Blake and all the late night Kenosha warriors


Announcing Summergasm Night 4 Feat. Music From The Wedding Singer

Whoopadeedoo!  It's night 4 and this time we want you to tell us what to play. Check out the poll on the right side of the page and vote for the TOP TWO songs you want to hear from The Wedding Singer!

Summgergasm Night 4 Bitches!
Ace Bar (1505 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL)

Mr. Russia
My My My
Verona Red
The Bright White
Machine 22

Show starts at 9
$5 at the door

Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=158565677549147


Summergasm Night 3: Ace Bar (Chicago, IL) - 8.6.2011

Night 3 has been my favorite night so far.  We'd been looking forward to playing Purple Rain since we first thought of making movie soundtracks the theme of our first Summergasm!

I already miss it.  ahh memories...

Also, big thanks to Tab the Band, Persistence of Memory and Mos Scocious for making it a great night.

So what's next?

Well our Summergasm takes a break this Saturday (instead we'll be up in Kenosha, WI).  But we'll back in Chicago at the Ace Bar for Night 4 on Saturday, 8/20 performing music from "The Wedding Singer".

We wanted to do something different for this show...

So we thought we'd let you all vote on what songs you wanted to hear...

See the poll on the right side of the page under our Summergasm banner and vote for the top two songs you want us to play :()


Summergasm Night 2: Ace Bar (Chicago, IL) - 7.30.2011

Some pics from Summergasm Night 2: Saturday Night Fever at Ace Bar this past Saturday.

Who thought singing Bee Gee's tunes would result in these faces?

Special thank you to Top Shelf Lickers and Magic Milk.  Was a good ole fashion night of rock and roll!

Can't wait for Night 3 (Purple Rain) in less than 24 hours!


Summergasm Night 3 / Lolla After Party Feat. Music From Purple Rain: Sat. 8/6

Dearly beloved we will be gathered this Saturday to get through this thing we call Summergasm night 3.

I am VERY excited for this Summergasm event...

1.)  Well because Night 3's soundtrack is THE balls.

2.) Tab The Band (Duxbury, MA) will be joining us on the bill.  This will be their official Lollapolooza after party. Check them out online HERE.  If you're at Lolla on Friday, August 5, you can catch em on the PlayStation stage at 12:15.

3.) Proceeds from the show will be going to Unitechange.org, a really cool non-profit organization that brings together an online community of philanthropists to help fund some really great grassroots causes.  Read more about them HERE

It's shirts vs. blouses...
This Saturday, August, 6
At Ace Bar (1505 W. Fullerton, Chicago)
Show starts at 8pm with...

8pm: Science of Sleep
9pm: Persistence of Memory
10pm: Verona Red

11pm: TAB the Band
12pm: Mos Scocious