Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the final night of Summergasm 2011!  This summer will stick out as one of my favorite Verona Red memories.  It was one of those things that we decided to do without really knowing if we could or if anyone would really be into it.  You guys made us feel really awesome with all the support you showed, even as we hacked our way through the Bee Gee's catalog :)  We are already already excited for Summergasm 2012.

I can't say how much I appreciate the fact that you guys made every night fun, and that so many of you made it out to each and every Saturday we played at Ace Bar this summer.

You guys gave us so much energy throughout this, that we were able to stock pile it up and use it to power on through to Minneapolis for a 9 AM show at the Muddy Buddy race in Afton Alps ski resort the very next day.  Huge thanks to Brad for staying awake and driving our asses through the night.

Here's some pics from the final Summergam show (Hint: in case you weren't sure...those were songs from the Blues Brothers :)  Huge thanks to Machine Gun Mojo, The Projection and The Cathy Santonies for joining the bill.

And yes we all placed in the Muddy Buddy race after our set.

Thank you to the Ace Bar, Audum Live, and all the bands who helped make Summergasm 2011 an amazing experience.  But most of all....THANK YOU!

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