Summergasm Night 3: Ace Bar (Chicago, IL) - 8.6.2011

Night 3 has been my favorite night so far.  We'd been looking forward to playing Purple Rain since we first thought of making movie soundtracks the theme of our first Summergasm!

I already miss it.  ahh memories...

Also, big thanks to Tab the Band, Persistence of Memory and Mos Scocious for making it a great night.

So what's next?

Well our Summergasm takes a break this Saturday (instead we'll be up in Kenosha, WI).  But we'll back in Chicago at the Ace Bar for Night 4 on Saturday, 8/20 performing music from "The Wedding Singer".

We wanted to do something different for this show...

So we thought we'd let you all vote on what songs you wanted to hear...

See the poll on the right side of the page under our Summergasm banner and vote for the top two songs you want us to play :()

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