New Verona Red Music on CHIRP Radio!

CHIRP Radio (http://chirpradio.org/) is a Chicago-based independent radio station that plays a lot of great music.  Small and large independent artists from all over the world, including a lot of Chicago bands.  Our song "Marjorie" was played on CHIRP in the past, and we're really excited that our new track "Kitchen Song" will be making it's radio debut tomorrow!

We'll be on tomorrow, between 3-6.  It's FREE and easy to stream the station HERE.  Please tune in to hear Verona Red and lots of other great music!


Behind-The-Scenes Unofficial Video for Kitchen Song

We are very excited to share with you this really cool behind-the-scenes footage of us taken by our good friend Carlos Beltran (www.carlospbeltran.com) during the pre-production phases of our new record.

While we thought Carlos was just coming in to shoot some pictures of us at rehearsal, he sneakily (and awesomely) took some video footage of our last minute run-throughs on Kitchen Song. He matched it up to the final audio months later and surprised us with the video below.

This was a VERY cool surprise; Carlos is a badass.

MUSIC MINIVID - VERONA RED from Carlos Perez Beltran on Vimeo

Next, THANK YOU to everyone who donated your hard earned $ to help us release Pound. As of yesterday our Kickstarter project closed with $2,631 in fan donations. THANK YOU for helping us meet and exceed our goal. We hope to see you all at the BIG show!

Also, thanks to everyone who already voted for us in Deli Magazine's 2010 Emerging Artist poll! We have more than 100 votes already, but we're currently ranked #8! If you haven't voted for us yet, you can do so HERE.  Thanks again!


Deli Magazine Nominates Verona Red For Emerging Artist of The Year!

We are super-excited and absolutely honored to announce that...

The Deli Magazine recognized Verona Red as one of the top emerging Chicago artists in their 2010 year end poll!

Deli Magazine is an awesome independent blog about indie music in major markets like NY, LA and Chicago. Every year they collect a massive list of bands on their radar, and ask local industry professionals (DJs, writers, promoters, record stores, etc...) to vote on that list, and the final results are the nominations for emerging artist of the year.  Verona Red made the cut! 

According to The Deli Magazine and their jury, Verona Red is one of 2010's top 37 bands in Chicago, and your voting can help make us #1!  Voting ends January 28, and every vote helps!  You can vote for us HERE

In other pants-peeing exciting news:

Loud Loop Press, another big player in the Chicago music blogosphere, had the following to say after receiving an advanced copy of our new record, Pound:
"The four-piece easily blends blues, roots rock, swing and 
country twang into its complex sound. As a native Texan, 
I bow to Verona Red’s love of honky tonk."  
We bow to you, Loud Loop Press!  Thanks for featuring our upcoming Record Release show and our new song "Toein' the Line."  Check out the article HERE.

Also, ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT to help fund our new EP on Kickstarter! Any size donation is a huge help and really appreciated. Donations can be as small as $1 and as large as $1,000.  Click HERE to donate!


Hear NEW Verona Red Music on MySpace!

The long journey from our bedrooms, to the studio, to your ears is finally complete!

Three never-before-heard tracks from our new 7-song EP, Pound, are now streaming for the very first time on the interweb!

Visit our MySpace page to listen now! (www.myspace.com/veronared)

If you have a MySpace account, please leave a comment on our page letting us know what you think! Of course you can let us know through a variety of other ways too (Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, shadow puppets etc…).

If you haven't had a chance to RSVP to our Record Release show, you can do so on Facebook at (http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=173245712711825). Come hear the entire new EP’s debut performance!

Also, we only have 8 days left to raise about $1,000! Please help us get this new music into your hands! You can donate $5, $10, or $20 (which will make a huge difference!) at (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/veronared/verona-reds-new-7-song-ep).


Saints Knocked Out, Hitler Loses it = AMAZING!

Oh wow is all i have to say.

Props to Joe Wilson for finding this chestnut.


A Whole New Kind Of Tossed Salad

I'm taking a lesson in seduction from this guy... ladies beware of my produce skills.


New Website!

It's a new year and we have a new bouncing baby record on the way! Why not change things up on the site too?
  • Press features, shows and bio information can be found on the the new pages linked above!
  • YouTube channel, VR radio, and merch store links to the right!
  • On-going band blogging below!

Take a look around, try it on, everything here makes you look skinnier.

Also, please remember to visit our Kickstarter page! We're getting closer and closer to our goal each day, but still have remaining funds to raise before we hit the $2,500 mark. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/veronared/verona-reds-new-7-song-ep

Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far! YOU ARE AWESOME!



3 months of bloody fingers, broken drum heads, and just about the hardest damn playing we've ever recorded is almost ready for your ears.

Our new 7-song EP Pound will be released on Friday, February 4, 2011 at Subterranean in Chicago. (2011 West North Ave.)

We're suggesting two pairs of underwear.

Verona Red (http://www.myspace.com/veronared)
Bully in The Hallway (www.myspace.com/bullyinthehallway)
The Rails (http://www.myspace.com/therailschicago)

Doors at 9:00 PM
17+ Show

Visit (www.subt.net) for advanced tickets (Recommended!)
Pre-sale starts Jan. 8 at 10 A.M. CST

Facebook event link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=173245712711825&num_event_invites=0#!/event.php?eid=173245712711825

Please also take a moment to check our Kickstarter page to learn how you could help fund our new record.  We'd love your support, and have plenty of goodies for those who offer it!  Even a $5 donation helps! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/veronared/verona-reds-new-7-song-ep


Remembering 2010

2011 woot woot!  If you're reading this it means you survived 2010... congratulations!  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for making it a wonderful year for us.  WE LOVE YOU!

It was certainly a very busy one for us.  This was the year of multi-tasking for Verona Red.  There was no desire to take time away from shows while we recorded a new single and wrote a new record.  We managed all efforts (touring, recording and writing) simultaneously.  It made for a whirlwind year, was a bit overwhelming at points, but I think we matured throughout and hopefully came out a little wiser in the end.

Here's a little recap of 2010.  I hope you enjoy it!

We rocked in 2010.

But never forgot to roll.

We played tambourines and so did you.

We touched each other in new ways

We bought a new van and built a bed in it.  Yay no more motels.

We did some weird shit with some bread.  This is why we couldn't stay in motels anymore.

We grew closer.

We fought.

We guest bartended for a Verona Red fan party at Durkins in Chicago.

We were by far our best customers.

We gave you a jock strap...and you gave it back.

Mike and I grew beards.

 We threw a microphone into your beer glass and broke it....and you gave it back anyway...thank you.

Mike took pictures of our butt's while we played.

We made new instruments.

We released a self-recorded/self-produced single called No Way Home.  You can still download it for free here! http://veronared.bandcamp.com/track/no-way-home

We took our pants off.

We garbage picked a bed.

We watched you shake your asses too!

We had one of our shows outlawed in the state of Illinois.

We stretched.

We spent 5 months working on new material together and began recording 7 new tracks for our brand new EP (donate your $ to help fund it HERE).

It was a busy year, but certainly a fun one too.  On top of all the writing, touring, recording and depantsing, we officially broke ground on Verona Red L.L.C. this year.

Our music got some props in 2010 as well.  Some of the most notable nods were...
  • 2 reviews on the super cool blog Consequence of Sound
  • A write up in Chicago Innerview
  • Featured in Chicago Red Eye/Metromix as a Top Show Recommendation along slide Lady Gaga, Butch Walker and My Gold Mask
  • Ranked #69 (of course) of top 300 most popular artists in Chicago by Chicago Deli Magazine (Other artists on the list included Kanye, Wilco, Lupe Fiasco, The Smith Westerns, Ok Go, Hey Champ, The Hood Internet, and Maps & Atlases).
  • Airplay on Chicago's finest rock station 93.1 WXRT
We made stops and new friends in the following cities:
  • Bloomington, IN
  • Bowling Green, OH
  • Champaign, IL
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Decatur, IL
  • Detroit, MI
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Iowa City, IA
  • Lincolnshire, IL
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Royal Oak, MI
  • Southgate, MI
  • St. Louis, MO 

2010 was amazing for us, but I have a good feeling 2011 will be even better!  Stay tuned for some big announcements in the next few days!

Also, if you haven't yet, please don't forget to visit our Kickstarter page (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/veronared/verona-reds-new-7-song-ep).  Not only do we need your help to fund our new EP, but this is your first chance to view the record's cover art and title! (Hint: It's in the video at the top of the page).

Happy New Year!


Donate To Help Us Finish Our New Record!

The time is almost here! We are in the final stages of finishing our new 7-song EP.  The drums are banging, guitars are ripping and basses are booming....now it's just about the finishing touches which is by far the most exciting part of recording (in my opinion)... unfortunately, the "end" part of the process is also when we have to pay the bill, and usually when the money starts to run out.

So basically what I'm saying is...

We need your HELP to finish this record!

To receive your help we've created a page on a website called Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a place where projects and ideas can be funded by fans.  We created a page for our new record and we’re trying to raise $2,500 to help fund the studio costs.

You can check out our project on the site at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/veronared/verona-reds-new-7-song-ep

Go to the site so you can:
  1. Check out the different types of prizes you can get in return for different levels of donations ($1 min./$1,000 max.)
  2. Watch a hot and steamy video of us explaining what this project is all about in more detail. (SPOILER ALERT: In this video we reveal the EP title and cover art for the first time!)
The really great thing about this site is that all the money we make we get to keep to use towards the album, and that all Kickstarter projects run on an all-or-nothing funding method – meaning projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.

Please check out the site.  Feel free to send this link to all the other Verona Red fans you know, or rich great aunts, or open-minded and generous lovers of rock and roll. Every single penny we get will help us!  We have until Thursday, January 20 to raise the full $2,500.  It’s a big goal, but I think we can do it.

We’re really proud of the new music, and we can't wait to get it out there.

WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for checking out this page.

Here's that link again: