Deli Magazine Nominates Verona Red For Emerging Artist of The Year!

We are super-excited and absolutely honored to announce that...

The Deli Magazine recognized Verona Red as one of the top emerging Chicago artists in their 2010 year end poll!

Deli Magazine is an awesome independent blog about indie music in major markets like NY, LA and Chicago. Every year they collect a massive list of bands on their radar, and ask local industry professionals (DJs, writers, promoters, record stores, etc...) to vote on that list, and the final results are the nominations for emerging artist of the year.  Verona Red made the cut! 

According to The Deli Magazine and their jury, Verona Red is one of 2010's top 37 bands in Chicago, and your voting can help make us #1!  Voting ends January 28, and every vote helps!  You can vote for us HERE

In other pants-peeing exciting news:

Loud Loop Press, another big player in the Chicago music blogosphere, had the following to say after receiving an advanced copy of our new record, Pound:
"The four-piece easily blends blues, roots rock, swing and 
country twang into its complex sound. As a native Texan, 
I bow to Verona Red’s love of honky tonk."  
We bow to you, Loud Loop Press!  Thanks for featuring our upcoming Record Release show and our new song "Toein' the Line."  Check out the article HERE.

Also, ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT to help fund our new EP on Kickstarter! Any size donation is a huge help and really appreciated. Donations can be as small as $1 and as large as $1,000.  Click HERE to donate!


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