Behind-The-Scenes Unofficial Video for Kitchen Song

We are very excited to share with you this really cool behind-the-scenes footage of us taken by our good friend Carlos Beltran (www.carlospbeltran.com) during the pre-production phases of our new record.

While we thought Carlos was just coming in to shoot some pictures of us at rehearsal, he sneakily (and awesomely) took some video footage of our last minute run-throughs on Kitchen Song. He matched it up to the final audio months later and surprised us with the video below.

This was a VERY cool surprise; Carlos is a badass.

MUSIC MINIVID - VERONA RED from Carlos Perez Beltran on Vimeo

Next, THANK YOU to everyone who donated your hard earned $ to help us release Pound. As of yesterday our Kickstarter project closed with $2,631 in fan donations. THANK YOU for helping us meet and exceed our goal. We hope to see you all at the BIG show!

Also, thanks to everyone who already voted for us in Deli Magazine's 2010 Emerging Artist poll! We have more than 100 votes already, but we're currently ranked #8! If you haven't voted for us yet, you can do so HERE.  Thanks again!

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