Summergasm Night 3 / Lolla After Party Feat. Music From Purple Rain: Sat. 8/6

Dearly beloved we will be gathered this Saturday to get through this thing we call Summergasm night 3.

I am VERY excited for this Summergasm event...

1.)  Well because Night 3's soundtrack is THE balls.

2.) Tab The Band (Duxbury, MA) will be joining us on the bill.  This will be their official Lollapolooza after party. Check them out online HERE.  If you're at Lolla on Friday, August 5, you can catch em on the PlayStation stage at 12:15.

3.) Proceeds from the show will be going to Unitechange.org, a really cool non-profit organization that brings together an online community of philanthropists to help fund some really great grassroots causes.  Read more about them HERE

It's shirts vs. blouses...
This Saturday, August, 6
At Ace Bar (1505 W. Fullerton, Chicago)
Show starts at 8pm with...

8pm: Science of Sleep
9pm: Persistence of Memory
10pm: Verona Red

11pm: TAB the Band
12pm: Mos Scocious

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