Southgate House (Newport, KY) - 6/4/2011

There were plenty of interesting things to see in Newport, KY this weekend.

I saw Tony living the high life.

I saw Adam "Uncle Sammin'" it up the stairs.

I saw two monkeys get married.

And a man who wanted to marry a dinosaur.

I saw a good set by the cool dudes of Fairhaven...huge thanks to them for letting us borrow there drum set after we forgot several components of ours.

I saw an outgoing car.

And a car that was really happy with Mike's drumming.

Not photographed above:

I saw some really close friends who came out to the show to surprise us (We love you Siiri and Steve)
I also saw our van battery die and then somehow come to life again without getting a jump several hours later.
I saw the Ohio river and nearly stumbled in.
I saw more White Castle than I ever want to see again.

Oh the good times.  If the Southgate House were a monkey, I'd marry it.

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