Social Media Has Invaded My Subconcious

I had a dream last night that I was bit by dog that had rabies.  As a result my thumb swelled up like R. Kelly at a slumber party and exploded.  It then re-formed and exploded again...and again....and again...it happened like twenty times... Each explosion would spew delicious peaches and cottage cheese forth onto the floor.  I was at the vet's office with my mom when this happened so I turned to the veterinarian for reassurance that this was a common for someone who just contracted rabies; however, she was unable to offer any explanation as to why the lazy summer-afternoon snack was sploodging from my body.

Instead of being stunned by the contents, I had the immediate presence of mind to grab my phone to record videos of the explosions and post them to all my social networking sites...including this one.  I woke up right as I was telling my mom that our family was going to be known all over the world very soon.

Looks like the modern age has rooted itself into my subconscious, and is now a part of who I am at my most inner and private state.  Damn you Skynet.

Shifting gears for a second, anyone have any ideas what it means to dream about your thumb exploding peaches and cottage cheese?  Too much stress? Sexual confusion? Fresh fruit rage?


Carol W said...

The fruit I most associate with thumbs would be a plum--not a peach. "Little Jack Horner sat in a corner eating his Christmas pie. Stuck in his thumb and pulled out a PLUM and said what a good boy am I!" And the cottage cheese...is that like curds and whey? Did nursery rhymes trouble you as a child?

Verona Red said...

Woah, nice work Carol. Way to connect the two...I do remember an incident little miss muffet...