Verona Red Is Now On Bandcamp!

What is that you say?  Verona Red has man cramps?  No, crazyface we're on Bandcamp, but that's okay, I've heard several times in my life that no one can understand me when I talk and especially when I sing.  I think it's because I've evolved more than most.

Common misheard Verona Red lyrics include "Eat a sheep" or "K suck your nutsah!"  Well Band Camp is here to help.  Not only can you download all of Side Effects for $5, but you can also sift through all of our strange and sexually cryptic lyrics.  Think of this as your Rosetta Stone for Verona Red, the language of creepy love.

For all you FREE music connoisseurs the following tracks are available for FREE via Bandcamp starting the very moment you read this, and will end exactly 3 moments after you finish dinner later tonight. (just kidding)

In the Coat Check (FREE)
Marjorie (FREE)
All We Ever Had (FREE with email)

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