Verona Red's 4/24 Cubby Bear Show Reviewed by SouthSide

SouthSide on the Town was at our Cubby Bear show on 4/24 and posted a great review of all the bands, including Model Stranger, 20 Mark Helga, The Flavor Savors and Cavalry. 

SouthSide has been a good friend and supporter of ours since the beginning.  We've been friends for some time now and interestingly I learn a little bit more about her every time we run into each other at a show or industry event.  This Saturday I learned she is one of the ballsiest people in the city as she unapolgetically strolled around the Cubby Bear dressed to the nine's in White Sox apparel.  Hilarious.

I included our review below, but you can read the full night's review at http://southsideonthetown.blogspot.com/2010/04/24-apr-10.html.

Glad you liked the show SouthSide, thanks for the great review.

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