Bringing Back the Acoustifunkleration of Independence?

So here's some phrases you would have heard a million times in the past few years if you were me:

"What happened to the acoustic guitar?"
"How come you guys to don't do that acoustifunkerlation shit anymore?"
"You guys were cooler when you used to play all that acoustic stuff."
"Stop sending me texts about fornicating with my mother"

So here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna meet you half way on these requests with an acoustic show tomorrow night.

That's right we'll be getting warmed up for a weekend of Rock And Roll with a FREE acoustic performance at Loose Leaf Lounge (2915 N. Broadway) this Thursday May 13.

We start sometime between 7:30 and 8 so grab some coffee and some food with us and see what it's like to rock and roll without all the booze and morning-after guilt.  I've it tried once or twice and have to admit it can be surprisingly uplifting, good for the colon.

Can't say I'm exactly sure what it's going to be like when there is no drum set to jump on, or monitor speaker to knock over... but I can say it's our goal is to improvise and hope we don't get kicked out... and that's all the more incentive you should need to get there on time.

Like I said we'll be meeting you half way on this, so DO NOT expect to stop getting texts about your mother. Come out tomorrow night and enjoy the compromise :)

Seriously though, we're really looking forward to this, should be a really fun time.

Loose Leaf Lounge (2915 N. Broadway Chicago IL)
Thursday May 13
Getting there around 7:30, starting soon after

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