Frank's Power Plant (Milwaukee, WI) 5/6/2011

Milwaukee...it's Algonquin for the good land...

Sure is Mr. Cooper.  Frank's Power Plant was the shiz.

Thank you to Afraid of Dave and Arkady for sharing the stage.

Afraid of Dave taught us a lesson that night... don't let mishaps get you down...so what if your guitar strap breaks.. you can always play sitting down.

We took that lesson to heart... I mean so what if you fall off your bass amp and come crashing into the drums... you can always play laying down...

Haha serioulsy though Tony kicks ass...if you would have seen his hand after the show you would have been amazed that he got through the rest of the set without fainting from blood loss. I post this vid as an homage to him and his unwavering constitution.

The rest of the night was awesome.  We ate some peanuts, drank some beers and hung out with tons of cool folks.

Huge thanks to Claire for putting us up for the night. She is awesome.

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