IQ's Food, Music and Art (Green Bay, WI) 5/7/2011

This was our first trip to Green Bay.  We celebrated by going down to Bay Beach and playing on the playground.

Here's a sweet montage and some pics to follow.

We didn't have anyone with us to shoot the show, so this is all we have to remember the night by...which is actually pretty unfortuante.

The kids at IQ's were a rowdy bunch and we loved it.   Dancing, stripping, and spanking were par for the course. I even got this cool flower at the end of the night!

This re-affirms my belief that some small towns just know how to rock harder...next time I'm getting the camera up on stage for sure.

Oh and last but not least...if you are ever in Green Bay look up The Pat and Augie Show.  Hilarious guys and FANTASTIC musicians, it was so cool of them to jump on the bill last minute with us.

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