Rocking Some Jams At The Ace Bar This Friday in Chicago

So the weather is getting nice and I imagine if you're like me your starting to get that..."geez what's another reason I can go out and drink" feeling.

Well here's one...It's kind of a last minute thing...but we were feeling that summer impulsive decision thing...and  thought it'd be cool do a show where admission was on par with a can of Blatz?

Joins us at this Friday, May 13
The Ace Bar (1505 w Fullerton Chicago, IL)
Show 7:30PM
Admission $3

Show starts at 7:30 with a special guest performance by Aryk Crowder
Counting 10 - 10 PM
Verona Red - 11 PM

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114079978675583

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