Cubby Bear (Chicago, IL) 5/22/2009

Night two of our farewell party for Taz in Chicago.

FUN FUN FUN FUN…that’s the four words I could use to describe this night. If I had to pick one more in would be ANTI-BIOTIC.

It was at Cubby Bear during game 5 of the Blackhawks/Redwings semi-finals so it was a good ole fashion party in Wrigleyville that night. Jager-bombs were flowing, collars were popping, and chaches were a-chachin. The night was aglow with shiny gel encrusted highlights and spray-on tans.

We had a lot of help from our friends that night. Big thanks to Bethany Thomas for helping us send Taz off all proper like.

and Arman...

Taz has touched us all over the years (esp in cabs) and we are glad to see him taking a new step in life after VR; for when he emerges a beautiful new butterfly we will all gawk at his six legs with a gratitude that we knew him so well when he was just a fuzzy little caterpillar, creeping around on the floor of our apartment (5-6 days a week).

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