Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN) 5/31/2009

This one started out with a bang… literally.. we got rear-ended less than 2 miles out of Chicago. Some beyatch claimed she fell asleep at the wheel cause she had been driving since Joliet…wow what is that 20 miles or something how can you stand to be in the car that long without going to sleep????

Wasn’t terrible…french fries went everywhere, and the back bumper got pushed down a bit…but its cool, we slapped her ugly mug and got back on the road.

When we pulled up to Melody Inn in Indianapolis a few hours later we were pleasantly surprised by the funkiness of the décor. It was nice to land in a legit rock club.’ This place is/was the shit.

The bathroom’s were even shittier and by shittier I mean better of course. Each tile had something profound drawn on it…this one inspired me to run for office.

See more bathroom art here ____

We had a good set at Melody Inn. We were on our own for this one so nobody got shots of our performance, however, we did have the pleasure of getting to watch one of the craziest bands I’ve ever seen kicking around the Midwest, the Trampskirts (http://www.myspace.com/trampskirts).

Ashley, the lead singer, looked like a member of the Lizzies from the Warriors (as Mike aptly put it).  She had a six pack that made me feel bad about myself.

The show was fun we danced, we cried, we saw a dude make out with a girl and then get punched by his wife. We packed up and made the four hour drive home that night.

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