Rhino's (Bloomington, IN) 2/20/2009

Rhino's in Bloomington was an all ages show. And I felt a little bit like a camp counselor when I got there. But it was a lot of fun. This was the first time we played "No Way Home" and wouldn't you know it, I think the kids dug it.

This was also the first time we took Healy on the road with us. He did a good job at the booth, way to go Healy...what he didn't know was that I refuse to use hands when driving through the state of Indiana.

He didn't seem to mind...what a sport.

We didn't get a lot of good shots of the show, because up until this point we'd be using a disposable camera, which can't get a good picture unless you take the film of the camera and actually rub it onto whatever it is you are trying to get a picture of.

Anyway we met some cool people.

Chris pictured here on the right, had a great theory on how every puke can be associated with a species of dinosaur...his favorite was the T-Rex puke. It sounded pretty badass.

I told myself to pay attention to what kind of dinosaur I look like the next time I puke...so far I've haven't yet remembered to stop and think about it.

After the show we went and partied it up on IU's campus. It had been a while since we got to walk around a college campus and pretend to be rockstars. Sorry again to anyone in the Acacia house...

After that it was time to find a hotel room...only availibility was a handicap room way outside of town...Mike was so excited he could hardly contain himself...

Lucky for him the handicap toilet had handlebars.

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