Martyrs' (Chicago, IL) - 1/2/2009

Martyrs' was fun. We ran a big contest around our new t-shirts. The winner of the contest won a night out on the town with Verona Red...check out pics on that above...

We played a rockin set, met some cool people, and flashed gang sings when appropriate.

This was actually the first time I had the pleasure to meet a young Mike Healy (the non-retarded looking one on the left).

He complimented us on our music...so we suckered him into coming on the road with us and working our merch booth.

Like I said the show was good...but it really doesn't compare to the after party... truth be told most shows don't at least thats what I've been told.

Back at the after party Mike became increasingly irritable and began screaming into two bottles of Jack and Patron.

After that it was the hot sauce...

Meanwhile shit was getting heated...it was me or him...

Then we thought maybe we ought to just take it down a notch...then again... fuck my fingers!

The urge to remove appendages eventually wore off...and after a few more drinks I passed out in the pantry looking for my Pulitzer

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