So This is a Band's Blog, You Say???

So believe it or not, Verona Red is actually a band.... I know I do a lot of ranting and rather unoriginal wry observation on this little blogola which was originally intended to be a place where we'd post pics and stories about our everyday band life... But the truth is that I get lazy and tired of telling everyone about all the amazingly awesome things that happen to us ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I don't post stuff about our shows because some of the stuff that happens is so cool that I can't even talk about it without taking all my clothes off and rubbing talcum (sp?) powder all over my junk.

Other times I'm just too busy loving America.

Anyway, I wanted to use the next few posts to catch everyone up with some of the highlights of whats happened since that little record release show we had at Double Door back in November....believe me there has not been a SINGLE dull moment... In fact every moment has rocked so gloriusly hard that I've had to start wearing diapers as a result of the intense intestinal vibrations.

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