Toledo Speedway Lounge (Toledo, OH) 1/24/2009

This was a benefit for a good friend of one our favorite Midwest bands Resonant Soul (www.myspace.com/resonantsoul). It was a pleasure to share the stage with great guys for a good cause.

As you can see they permitted us a sizeable set...how nice of them!  We returned the favor with a sizeable high-five.

We met two really cool girls that night, Aarika and Sam... Sam came out to Chicago on St. Patricks day and we we're gonna all meet up but shit got fucked up and we missed eachother.

Tony showed Aarika how a gentleman from Chicago treats a nice gal from O-H-I-O.

Alas everything remained Platonic (expect that I'll tell you when it doesn't) however, I don't want to go spreading false rumors lest Aarika has some enormous boyfriend with a light sabre.

We decided to be rollers that night and get a baller ass hotel room??? why??? I chalk it up to drinking, proximity, and the American dream.

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