Kryptonite (Rockford, IL) - 11/22/2008

Kryptonite in Rockford, IL was our first show after the Side Effects record release show. For everyone who remembers we pretty much sold out the place...maybe....but there were over 400 people there...Kryptonite was the following weekend. It was a slap back to reality.

This stage was about 16 inches off the ground and the room was full of people who loved to jump in front of pictures, I hate when crowds stand so close to the stage that they get in the way of a nearly perfect shot like this one...

Anyway My main man here (lets call him Paul or Jeff or Theodore) really liked us. We met him and a couple of his friends after the show they were nice.

All in all the show went well. The funniest part of the entire show was watching Taz try to hide his fat lip that looked eerily similar to a herpes breakout.

Apparently he called extremely tall/big boned girl an "Amazon" at a party the night before...so she did what any self respecting "Amazonian' would do...she popped him.

But this of course...didn't stop Taz. No fat lip that looks suspiciously like a herpe infection stops my good man Taz from working over some strange.

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