Howard's Club H (Bowling Green, OH) 6/12/2009

After the narcotics agent was done frisking Tony, we got in our cars and sped away to Bowling Green, OH, happy to get the heroin filled condoms safely removed from our rectums.

It was a hop, skip, and jump away, but before we knew it we had arrived at Bowling Green just outside BGSU sometime around 12:30 AM. We decided to stop in at Howards H, the place where we were booked to perform with the Sanderlings (http://www.myspace.com/sanderlings) on the following night to get a taste of local collegiate flavor.  Here's the Sanderlings.

Thank you also to Joshua Denning who opened the night...hell of a voice.  Made Tom Jones look like a hobo. (http://www.myspace.com/joshuamdenning)

Of course we got a little too routy our first night in town, stayed up way too late and took way to many shots of “wet pussy” (a shot created by Erica, our bartender of choice for that night, that tasted like Ecto Cooler).

It was hard NOT to enjoy this place… it was built for the good times.

“With” doesn’t make as much sense to me…shame on the bastard who ruined the spirit of this joke.

I was confused by the lack of instructions…

Thought all the shame talk was weird...

Check out more bathroom art here _____

We eventually made it back to the Knights Inn read some verses from the Bible and went to sleep.

After a good night's sleep Mike went out for a day on the town at BGSU.

Housewares… check

Law offices…check

Statue outside of college classroom building that creepily inspires academic endeavors …I dunno I think this one falls short.

After a day of adventure and sexual exploration we headed back to Howards H and rocked the place into submission.  After the show we went out with bartender Erica’s roommate to Big Boy and ate burgers until the sun came up over America.

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