Memphis Smoke (Royal Oak, MI) 7/2/2009

We were VERY excited to visit Royal Oak Michigan… two words BRUCE CAMPBELL.

No one made horror movies that were so simultaneously creepy and fucking hilarious.  He has the facial expressions of a rubber band and the soul of coyote. The fact of the matter is Bruce Campbell is the balls and he once called Royal Oak home, so we were happy to call it home for a night too.

Anyway, it was our second trip to the Detroit-land area, and the motor city did not fail to impress. Memphis Smoke was super-classy and kind of reminded me of the a mushroom house in mario.  I went in expecting to pick one of three treasures...that didn't happen, but they did let us play for 2 hours… fun times, but no frog suit.

The Honest Life (http://www.myspace.com/thehonestlife) opened the night with awesome harmonies and funny jokes. These guys were really cool to chill with.  I as seen below, am just creepy to chill with. Adam, their singer, is the non-retarded looking one on the right (I find myself saying that a lot on this blog).

Playing for the Memphis Smoke folk was a blast. We got to try a lot of new stuff out and I think they really enjoyed it. At the end of our 45 minute S&M puppet show, we were kindly asked to leave the venue. But luckily we still met a lot of cool people on our way out. Karen and Kathy were my favs. But we didn’t get pics of them…so here’s some other cool folk.

They told us to keep our heads high and don’t let the man get you down just for trying to make two puppets degrade one another.

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