Shark City (Glendale Heights, IL) 8/15/2009

Shark City gave us a chance to get our sports bar set list on. What does that mean? A whole lot of Johnny Cash basically.

We hopped on this bill last minute with one of our favorite bands in the great city of Chicago, Reverie. These guys are relentless entrepreneurs in the local scene. If you live in Chicago you undoubtedly heard about I AM fest this summer (these were the guys who put the ENTIRE thing together). More importantly, Kevin, Stephen, and Brad are just three cool fuckers. This is them (http://www.myspace.com/reverieone)

So, after we finished sucking eachother off…

What else…hmmm, well there weren’t many good photos from this show, except this one of Tony who thought it would be funny to pretend were playing at” Red Rocks.”

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