Tour Recap Day 6: The Grape Room (Philadelphia, PA) - 10/12/2011

Our last trip to Philadelphia ended in a bar brawl, cops, the venue closing early and none of the bands getting paid.  We were hoping to set the bar a little higher this time, and kept our fingers crossed as we arrived in Philadelphia around 6:30 PM.  We were happy to see the neighborhood we were playing in was a lot more happening than last time.

That said parking was a lot more difficult.

The Grape Room was a cool place.

There was a fan that spun like a fan...and a lot of pictures of Abraham Lincoln getting high.

We enjoyed two really great sets by Mackenzie and Flux Capacitor.  It was another small turnout, similar to the night before in Pittsburgh, but we met some really cool people.  Quality over quantity can be alright on a Wednesday night so we were happy.

We grabbed some Taco Bell after the show and started the drive to NYC, excited for back-to-back dates this Thursday and Friday in Manhattan!

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