Tour Recap Day 5: The Thunderbird Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA) - 10/11/2011

We woke up around noon on Tuesday morning and thought we may have lost Chad.  I remembered he crashed in the van, but was nowhere to be found in the morning.  We couldn't get a a hold of him for a while and for a moment thought maybe he was kidnapped.  It turned out he was just at a coffee shop down the street.

Relieved to find Chad, we got on the road to Pittsburgh around 1 PM.  I'm always excited to visit my family in Pittsburgh, so the drive kind of flew by.

Once we arrived in the city we were quickly reminded about the uselessness of GPS in Pittsburgh.  There are just too many hills, windy turns and overlapping roads for the Garmin to handle.  After the Garmin recalculated our route 75 times we ended up in the Penguins parking lot...right before a game... It was a bitch getting out, but we eventually did and Google Maps guided us to my Uncle Randy's house another 20 minutes away.

We ate a great lasagna dinner (thanks Aunt Cindy) and headed out to The Thunderbird Cafe at 6 PM.

We bandaged up Adam's hand, still unable to find a normal band-aid and then settled in for a great set by The Hawkeyes. I was really excited to get these guys on the bill.  I've had Double E stuck in my head for a few days since.

We performed after The Hawkeyes and then watched another great performance by Triggers.

The bands were great and although we had a small crowd (not totally unexpected for a Tuesday night), it was still a fun time.

We made the trek back to my Uncle's house and were happy make it an early to bed kinda night.

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